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Chocolate Dream

Traditional Chocolate
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This is where it all started for us.  When Mom first started looking for a dessert for her daughter she started with a simple chocolate-based recipe that everyone in the world was making.  Needless to say she went far beyond the original and created the phenomenal.  We are honored to continue with her original recipe and tradition of utmost quality.  One bite and the full-bodied burst of chocolate combined with the creamy smooth texture that has become the signature attribute of all our products will leave you craving another and then another.  It's been that way for over 30 years and will never change.

ALERT: This flavor contains nuts.  There is another Traditional Chocolate version that does not contain nuts.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, pecans, butter, semisweet chocolate, marshmallow, evaporated milk, Madagascar vanilla bean

Units in box: 2


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