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Looking for that simple gift that DOESN'T scream "I had NO idea what to get you and I just grabbed the first thing close by and sent it.  Hope you like it!" Yep, nothing says happy holidays like a last-minute random gift off the nearest department store shelf.  Well those days are over.  Here's a goft you won't find anywhere but right here that simply says "Here, I bought you a nice treat that you can enjoy while sitting in a quiiet place and think of me".

Inside this classic Mason jar you'll find 6 pieces or 24 fudge bites of up to 6 flavors of your choosing

ALERT: Some of or offerings contains nuts as indicated by an asterisk next to it's name.

Instructions: If you decide you'd like to mix and match flavors in your jar simply select Mixed Flavors and then tells us in the Special Instructions section of the shopping cart and we'll get those right out to you.

Units in box: 1


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