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Give the gift of fudge in any of our fun and festive packages.  There's something here for everyone for every holiday and occassion.  From small bites to full blown pieces you'll find just the right gift for that special someone.  What's more, many of our gift offerings come with one or two packets of Mom's Hot Chocolate which is not sold separately.

Send The Gift of Love...er, Fudge (same thing)...

We are happy to ship any of our gifts to that lucky person on your gift-giving list.  Go through our shop, pick out all your gifts and then view the Shopping Cart.  Select Will Call as your preferred shipping method so there are no shipping charges added to your order.  At the bottom of the cart is a section called Notes and Special Requests.  This is the place to tell us exactly which gift goes to what person.  Please be as clear as you can with names and addresses.  Please also include your email address and/or phone number so we can contact you about the total shipping charges or in case there are any questions with your order.  We want to be absolutey certain your gift-giving wishes are carried out to the letter.

Hot Chocolate Story

In Germany Mom enjoyed world-famous Belgian Hot Chocolate, made from farm-fresh milk (you know, the REAL stuff) and rich chocolate flavor, extra smooth and oh so amazing!  When she tasted our local stuff she cringed and declared it to be little more than brown, watered-down milk.  In true Mom fashion she recreated a little touch of home using nothing but the best ingredients.  We make giant batchs and drink it ourselves quite frequently.  We thought it would be fun to include it in some of our gift offerings.  The vision of sitting in front of a warm fireplace eating premuim fudge and drinking a rich tasty cup of steaming hot chocolate was too much to just keep to ourselves.


Gift Ideas

Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate
For that special...

Gift Jar

Mason Jar of Love

Holiday Gift Basket

Holiday Gift Basket
1 or 2...

Party Tray

Party Tray
48 Fudge Bites

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