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Looking for that simple gift that DOESN'T scream "I had NO idea what to get you and I just grabbed the first thing close by and sent it.  Hope you like it!" Yep, nothing says happy holidays like a last-minute random gift off the nearest department store shelf.  Well those days are over.  Here's a goft you won't find anywhere but right here that simply says "Here, I bought you a nice treat that you can enjoy while sitting in a quiiet place and think of me".

Inside this classic Mason jar you'll find 24 fudge bites of up to 6 flvaors of your choosing along with 2 packets of Mom's Favorite Hot Chocolate.  Her special European blend of milk, vanilla chocolate and marshmellows.  The perfect treat to enjoy while sitting by a warm fire on a cold, blustery day.

ALERT: Some of or offerings contains nuts as indicated above.

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