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Michelle Mom Kitty AJ

Hello everyone and welcome to our fudge family.  For over 3 generations we have been putting smiles on peoples faces with our products.  From our humble beginnings with my mother making the very first batch of family fudge (what we now call Chocloate Dream) we have carried on a tradition of quality, style and innovation that has brought many wonderful changes to the world of fudge.

Year after year our passion for stretching the limits of what the world new as good ol' fudge by introducing new, unheard of flavors that surprised all those first-timers brave enough to throw caution AND tradition to the wind and sample such delights as: Lemonade, Egg Nog, Mexican Chocolate and many more flavors never before associated with the word fudge created a diverse collection of wonderful treats for all seasons and occasions.

No matter the holiday, no matter the event we have one or more fudges to fit the occassion. We can dazzle your loyal employees at the next company picnic or wow your fellow wine enthusiasts with some of the most mouth watering fudge and wine parings imaginable.  We've even hosted very successful fudge and beer parties where a bite of fudge followed by a sip of beer produced unexpectedly delightful results.

We hope you enjoy eating our delightful delectibles at least half as much as we enjoy crafting them.  We are continuosly improving and expanding our product line and welome any and all suggestions no matter how wild.  We had one of the sweetest requests ever from a little 5-year old girl who implored us to make a watermelon fudge because "watermelon is the wonderfulest flavor in the WHOLE world".  We're still working on this one...:)

Come on in and shop around.  Find an old favorite or be bold and dive into something new.  Either way we guarantee you'll be delighted with your choice.

All our best from Mom's Favorite Fudge

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Our never-ending quest to bring delicious desserts to everyone continues!

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